How To Open An Online Stock Account Or Online Stock Broker Account

In the midst of a recession threat , don’t just settle your money in savings or just keep it under your pillow. Should be rotated by way of investment in order to protect and increase the value of assets.

One of today’s investment options and suitable for all people, including millennials, is stock investment. Become an investor in the capital market and prepare to make money from returns and dividends.

Stock investment is an investment activity, in the form of purchasing company shares (securities). Known as issuers or public companies

By buying shares of a company, you become the owner of that company. You can transact, buy and sell shares or securities on the Stock Market through securities. This security is a kind of broker or broker. Intermediary simple language.

Securities have permission and authority from the Financial Services Authority to carry out buying and selling activities of shares or securities listed on the Stock Exchange. So, if you are not very ‘literate’ about investing in stocks, you can use the services of a securities company.

How to Open an stock broker account open

How to open an online stock account is very  simple Save time and costs.

1. Prepare Personal Documents

In general, the required document requirements include:

  • Photo of ID Card
  • Photo of Taxpayer Identification Number 
  • Photo of the front page of a personal savings account.

2. Determine the Securities Company

After preparing the conditions above, the next step is to choose a securities company. Choose securities do not just. Pay attention to the following 5 things:

  • Make sure the security is a member of the Stock exchange and has a permit from the Financial Authority. To see a list of official securities companies, 
  • Trace its track record so that you are safe and comfortable investing
  • Make sure the securities have an online trading application to make it easier for you to make transactions. Can be from anywhere and anytime.
  • Pay attention to the services offered, whether they accommodate your needs, such as the reliability of the analyst team, educational classes, and more
  • Find out the amount of transaction fees charged to investors. Usually the transaction fees for each security are different.

3. Begin the Application Process

No matter which firm or type of account you choose, there is some information you’ll need to have on hand before you start the account opening process.

You’ll need basic data about yourself and other account holders, such as social security number, date of birth, and address, but you’ll also be asked some questions about the nature of your employment.

If you’re a U.S. resident but not a citizen, you’ll need to have your passport and residency visa handy.

How to know which is the best stock broker

Want to get into stock investing? There are several things that actually need to be considered so that investment activities produce maximum results. One of them is to be careful in choosing a stock broker . 

Brokers are intermediaries who will connect you with the system of buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange . Usually there will be a broker’s commission that investors need to pay every time a transaction is successful. 

So that the money spent to pay for brokerage services is not in vain, choose the right broker . Here are some ways to choose a broker that can be applied.

1. Make sure the broker has a license

2. Full Service Broker

3. Have a Good Work History

4. Compare Brokers

5. Broker Compliance Level

6. Fees Charged to Investors

7. Broker Shared Content

Safe Money at Trusted Brokers

Regardless of the amount of money invested, the money will be safe as long as it is managed by a trusted broker . Therefore, never trust bogus brokers who promise big profits or low fees . 

You need to find out the credibility of the broker first to avoid fraud attempts by irresponsible persons.

Question how can i buy stocks online without a broker?

Do you know how to invest in stocks? The most popular first step is to open a securities account at a securities company (stock broker), then buy and sell shares online through the trading application provided by the securities. However, there are actually other options for investing in stocks without a broker.

Shares represent a certain part of a company. The owner of the share means owning the company, has the right to attend and vote at the general meeting of shareholders, then also has the right to get a share of the profits (dividends). All companies legally incorporated as PT (Limited Company) actually have their own shares. It’s just that, there are PT Open and PT Closed.

Open PT means that the company has gone public and its shares are listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. In order to obtain shares of the Public Company, we can buy them through the trading application provided by the securities. However, private companies have not yet gone public and their shares are usually limited to certain circles.

Take the example of PT Blue Bird. Prior to the IPO on 5 November 2014, ownership was limited to the founding family and close associates. After the IPO and becoming a public company, then some of the Blue Bird shares released to the public can be purchased by the public.

There are many companies with PT status that have not yet gone public in Indonesia, both those that have been established for a long time and those that are about to be established. The form of business can be a hotel, mini market, factory, and so on. We can acquire shares of any company that has not gone public without passing through certain securities.

If not through securities, then how do you get the shares? There are two ways:

  1. Take part in the establishment of the company in return for a certain number of shares.
  2. Purchased shares directly from old stock owners.
  3. Following the stock distribution scheme for employees (Employee Stock Option Program/ESOP).

The two earliest alternatives have been popular for decades. Meanwhile, the ESOP scheme has become popular since the birth of startup companies. Employees who start a business may not get a full salary or not get a bonus, but get shares as a reward for their efforts. ESOP schemes are now not only held by startups , but also leading private companies and state-owned enterprises.

Shares acquired without passing through securities often cannot be freely resold to third parties without the agreement of other shareholders. However, shareholder still has the right to attend the GMS and receive dividends. Therefore, this method should only be used if you intend to make long-term investments and are not suitable for stock trading .

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