10 Best Online Stock Applications Indonesia

The best stock application is what most stock traders look for . The reason is, the right application can certainly provide the best service with low risk amid the volatility of stock and crypto prices that occur.

Playing stocks is indeed an alternative investment with large returns. However, the risk is also high.

Fortunately, thanks to technological developments, investors can now easily make transactions on the capital market through stock applications. Besides being easy, this application is also friendly for beginners.

1. IPOT Indopremier (APK Best Stocks Without Minimum Deposit)

IPOT IndoPremier is an integrated financial application that makes it easy to invest in stocks, mutual funds and ETF instruments at the same time.

This OJK stock application was designed by Indo Premier Sekuritas. The advantage is, you can play stocks with small capital , even without a deposit when opening an account.

Later, a new deposit will be made when you make a transaction. While the fee for selling shares is 0.29%, and the fee for buying shares is 0.19%.

When you need funds for payment from buying shares, the system will help you to make payments through selling the Money Market Mutual Funds that you have.

Another advantage of IPOT is the Robot Trading and Fund Evaluator features with good accuracy. You can also rely on the system to execute all buy/sell order instructions for stocks and prices that have been determined.

Those of you who are new to the world of capital markets also don’t need to hesitate to use this APK. This is because IPOT has existed since 1996 and is now the largest player in the Indonesian stock market with 20% market share.

2. Bibit (Automatic Mutual Fund Investment)

If you are new to the world of stock investment, then the Bibit application can be an option. This application will help you not have to bother making investments, like mutual funds which can be done automatically.

One of the cool and essential features in Bibit is the Robo Advisor. With this feature, Bibit will become your virtual assistant to make selections based on your profile, age, income, risk and investment targets.

In addition, transactions using this application are also very easy because it is supported by various e-wallets. The minimum transaction is also light, which is only IDR 10,000 . So, if you are a beginner who wants to find an easy application and of course supervised by the OJK, you can use Bibit .

What’s more special, Bibit also provide a wide selection of mutual funds, ranging from bonds to sharia stocks. So, you can choose according to your wishes and income if you use this application as an investment medium.

3. Stockbit (Analysis & Discussion)

Stockbit is an online stock application on Android under the auspices of PT Sinarmas Sekuritas. In fact, Stockbit is now a startup in the stock sector.

This stock trading application is included in the category of Online Community Stock Applications . So, you can discuss investing with traders in a fairly large community forum.

This is where you novice investors can take advantage of this forum feature to learn about stock analysis and prediction.

Another advantage that Stockbit has is that you can buy and sell shares directly through this application. Security is guaranteed with the Touch ID feature .

This stock investment application even offers virtual trading features and stock trading simulations according to real-time data movements on the Indonesian stock exchange.

4. Bareksa (Online Mutual Fund & SBN Investment)

Looking for an application that sells various mutual funds and SBN online and is supervised by the OJK, then Bareksa could be the choice. This application makes it easy for you to join because it doesn’t require physical documents. So, everything can be done online.

After joining you can choose from more than 150 conventional and sharia mutual fund products. There are also more than 50 investment managers which of course make it easier for you when investing.

What’s more special, this application is supported by various payment methods, both e-wallets and bank transfers. So, if you want transactions to be fast, easy and hassle-free.

5. Mirae Asset Sekuritas (Mobile & PC Investment)

Mirae Asset Sekuritas is one of the best stock investment applications for 2023 that Jaka most recommends for you.

This securities company has been established since 1994 and always manages to occupy the Top 3 Stock Exchanges as the best securities in Indonesia. In 2020, Mirae Asset Sekuritas also scored the highest share transaction value, namely IDR 227.13 trillion.

Mirae Asset Sekuritas also offers various investment services to users, ranging from stocks, bonds, to online investments through HOST (specifically for websites that can be accessed via https://hots.miraeasset.co.id) and Neo HOST Mobile (for mobile users). ).

For novice investors, the best stock app is not that friendly compared to other APKs. Because, you have to make a deposit with a sizeable amount, which is IDR 10 million.

However, as long as you can fulfill it, Mirae/NEO HOST won’t burden you, friends. You see, this weakness is fully paid for by the low transaction fee for shares, namely 0.25% for selling and 0.15% for buying.

6. BNI Sekuritas (Securities Trading Investment & Mutual Funds)

Next is BNI Sekuritas , a beginner-friendly stock investment application issued by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Tbk.

BNI Sekurtias has obtained a license as an intermediary for OJK securities dealers. This security also has a business license in the field of securities underwriting so it is safe to use, even by beginners.

There are several investment products offered by BNI Sekuritas, including investment banking , equity brokerage , fixed income brokerage , mutual fund selling agents, and many more.

If you want to invest here, you can register via the bnisekuritas.co.id page or download the application on BIONS Mobile via the Google Play Store.

7. MNC Trade New (Low Initial Deposit)

MNC Trade New is a share application designed by MNC Sekuritas, which is a subsidiary of the MNC Group. This company was founded in 1989.

This application presents many features offered by the MNC Sekuritas application, starting from trailing orders, break orders, GTC orders , and others.

Another interesting thing about MNC Trade New is the low initial capital deposit, which is only IDR 100 thousand. Meanwhile, the selling fee is 0.28% and the buying fee is 0.18%.

Even though the initial capital deposit is relatively cheap, make sure you already know how to play stocks for beginners so you can get multiple profits!

8. RTI Business (Share Price Movements)

A trusted stock buying and selling application that is also known among investors is RTI Business . This application provides various information on the Indonesian capital market.

Starting from price quotes , charts , financial data, analysis, information on the latest company decisions, stock and capital market news, and much more.

You can also see an overview of the company’s performance within five years through the income statement , cash flow , profitability , balance sheet , growth to earnings .

The best stock application for 2023 from PT RTI Infokom can also teach you how to invest in stocks online because it has IDX Virtual Online Trading , aka the stock trading simulation feature.

9. MOST (Complete Investment Product)

Next is the Mandiri Online Stock Trading application or what is commonly called MOST . This application has a user interface that is easy to use, especially for beginners.

MOST was developed by Mandiri Sekuritas, which is one of the largest securities companies or stock brokers in Indonesia which is a subsidiary of Bank Mandiri.

In order to use the MOST application, of course you have to be a customer of Mandiri Sekuritas. However, the price offered is also quite high.

The minimum initial deposit for opening a stock account for students is IDR 2 million, IDR 5 million for the general public, and IDR 100 million for full service.

Meanwhile, the selling fee for shares is 0.28% of the transaction, and the buying fee is 0.18% per transaction (minimum IDR 5,000).

10. BCAS Best Mobile (Online & Offline)

PT BCA Sekuritas also has a trusted stock trading application called BCAS Best Mobile . This application allows you to transact directly on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

The BCA stock application also has a full range of features so that customers or investors can easily carry out stock trading activities online.

BEST Mobile is also a user-friendly application that is equipped with a Quick Order feature so you can make stock buying and selling transactions quickly.

The initial deposit for an online account is IDR 3 million, while the initial deposit for an offline account is IDR 25,000,000.

Then for a buying fee of 0.18% and a selling fee of 0.28% for online accounts. There is also a buying fee of 0.25% and a selling fee of 0.35% for offline accounts.

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